Friday 7 August 2020

And God Created Woman – in Saint Tropez.

And God Created Woman – in Saint Tropez.

In 1956 the world got two new rebellious French starlets, Brigitte Bardot and St. Tropez. The film And God Created Woman filmed in the small fishing port of St Tropez staring Brigitte Bardot made both of them on the map and in equal measures.

Magazines, newspapers, film directors & tv producers couldn’t get enough of Bardot. Her success was as swift as the parade of husbands and suitors that went waltzing by under the all-seeing lenses of the paparazzi. The wave of the 60s swept over St. Tropez with it’s offering of an unexpectedly authentic haven which was a cry from the speed and recklessness of the era. It was a time of “Pétanque” games under the palm trees and Pastis aperitifs by the harbour.

An emblem of women's liberation and sexual freedom, BB, the glamour icon who put the little port of Saint-Tropez on the map.

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