Friday 12 June 2020

Coco Chanel on the Riviera

Artists, authors, actors and aristocrats all arrived on the Riviera well before Gabrielle Chanel. But Chanel was quick to absorb it into her own style and sell it on to her trend setting clients looking for the latest trends she was setting. The March 1930 issue of American Vogue stated “The is no doubt that Mlle Gabrielle Chanel is a person with very rare taste….and it is therefore not the least surprising that she has built herself one of the most enchanting villas that ever materialised on the shores of the Mediterranean.”

La Pausa, Chanel’s villa is set between the magnificent views of the Italian coastline to the left and the Rocher of Monaco to the right. They say that Chanel had the villa built with features resembling those of the orphanage of Aubazine where she and her sister spent the later part of their childhood.

It was also in La Pausa that her illustrious affair with the Duke of Westminster was given maximum privacy and also the maximum of liberty which was her the undeclared motto of her realm.

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