Friday 10 July 2020

The timeless Riviera look

A symbol of France for centuries. The Breton shirt has been embedded in French history. Originally it was protective clothing for fishermen, then made part of the official French navy by Napoleon. It was Chanel who took this nautical shirt and transformed it into the quintessential 'je ne sais quoi'-must have top.


Chanel was about breaking boundaries for women when it came to clothing—taking functional pieces that usually belonged to men's wardrobes and turning them into chic, easy-to-wear pieces for women, for according to Chanel, "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury."


YSL followed suit shortly afterwards, and then Pablo Picasso and Brigitte Bardot were seen wearing the stripes, too. Bardot proved that nautical stripes was ideal for the classic Riviera style.


Today, the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge and Kate Moss continue the striped top as a wardrobe staple that will never be replaced



Image courtesy of France Today

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